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08 | 07 | 2019

EuRec delivers the third shredder to Romania

We have been operating the plant for more than 7 years now. Overall, we have had very good experiences with EuRec machines.

- Mr. Alexander Remmert | Managing Director of RETIM

RETIM Ecologic Service SA is a company founded in 1997 as a joint venture between the municipality of Timişoara and the German company RWE. Later, the Stocks were taken over by REMMERT RECYCLING ROMANIA. Both shareholders hold 50% of the shares.

RETIM Ecologic Service SA has expanded its sites in Romania to Jimbolia, Geoagiu, Brad and Filiaşi. RETIM Ecologic Service SA currently employs more than 600 co-workers and disposes of the waste from around 550,000 citizens. EuRec machines are used at RETIM to treat municipal waste. In Timişoara the entire waste treatment line was equipped with EuRec machines.

Timişoara waste treatment plant, which went into operation in 2010, has been designed for 500 tones per day. The plant consists of the EuRec shredder, a disk separator and a baling system. First, the waste is crushed to a size of 300 mm. This is done with the EuRec shredder type S 20, which works under the most difficult conditions as shown in the picture on the left. Depending on the crushed waste, the tools are reprocessed every 3,000 to 5,000 hours or changed after 6,000 to 10,000 hours.

The shredded material is then separated into two fractions by means of a disc separator. In the underflow of the sieve, organic material is preferentially separated up to a size of 35 mm. The separated material is predestined for anaerobic fermentation or composting. Approximately 35,000 t/a are produced in this fraction. So far, however, this fraction has been disposed of for disposal. The screen overflow (approx. 25,000 t/a, parts > 35 mm) is led into a waste baling system.

The baling further compacts the waste to approx. 0.7 t/m3, and compaction in the bale depends on the operating mode of the upstream disc separator. High compaction results in a further significant reduction in the number of transports. The high calorific value material with a calorific value of about 8000 kJ/kg is transported to various  thermal recycling plants of the cement industry after baling. In contrast to conventional waste transports, the encapsulation of the waste does not cause leachate to escape from the vehicles, and the odour problem is also significantly reduced. The bales can be stored in the cement plant and then put into the cement kiln as required.

Mr. Alexander Remmert, Managing Director of RETIM explains: "We have been operating the plant for more than 7 years now. Overall, we have had very good experiences with EuRec machines. At other sites in Romanian, we also use EuRec Shredder. These machines are extremely robust and reliable in the reduction of mixed waste. At other locations, however, drum screens are also used for separation. The acquisition costs of the EuRec disc separator are slightly higher than those of a drum screen, but the cleaning effort for the disc separator is considerably lower. Depending on the personnel costs, however, this can be an advantage. The balling has also worked very reliably in the 10 years. There are no major repairs and defects. If machine maintenance is carried out in accordance with the supplier's instructions, the system configuration is very satisfactory. If high-quality foils are used, the bales are very dimensionally stable and easy to transport. In addition, there is a high compaction of the waste, which significantly reduces our transport costs.”

Following the positive experience at the Timişoara site, a further EuRec shredder type S16 was commissioned for the Ghizela site (Timişoara district) in July 2017. Mr. Remmert commented: "Unfortunately, we were unable to decide in favour of a complete EuRec plant in Ghizela.

We had the opportunity to use a remanufactured drum screen, so the decision was very quickly clear to us. But then in the shredding process, we have used EuRec machine. With mixed municipal waste, the new S16 machine achieves a throughput rate of approx. 40 t/h with a motor connected load of 190 KW. At full load, the shredder achieves specific energy consumption values of approx. 3.6 kWh per tonne of input. Besides the conditioning costs, energy consumption is the second major operating cost factor to consider."

Mr. Alexander Remmert, Mr. Christoph Kottmann, Mr. Ovidiu Petoi and Mr. Dan Pascu during a tour in the Timişoara plant (from left to right)