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We know how.
11 | 12 | 2020

EuRec New Developments and Annual Summary

Due to the Sars-CoV-2 ("Corona") pandemic, the year 2020 developed differently for EuRec than expected at the beginning of the year. Despite the difficult situation, EuRec has come through the current financial year comparatively well. Surprisingly, the recycling industry around the world was only slightly affected by the pandemic.

EuRec was and is aware of its responsibility and has implemented the hygiene measures for the employees quickly and consequently. Disinfectants and mouth-nose protective masks were provided free of charge. Fortunately, we were able to separate the desks so that too many staff in the office could be avoided. If this was not possible, plans were drawn up for deferred work and, existing overtime quotas and holidays were reduced. Furthermore, EuRec focuses on internal / external contact restrictions, ventilation concepts, regular hand washing and the responsibility of the individual to actively participate. We are relieved that not a single corona disease has occurred at EuRec so far and we hope that we will be able to maintain this situation until the foreseeable end of the crisis.

In the neighbourhood EuRec also made a small social contribution outside the company. Thus, EuRec donated 1,000 pieces of mouth and nose protective masks to Salzunger Tafel e. V. on July 09th, 2020, for socially disadvantaged people and people affected by poverty.

The challenges of the situation around Corona were less in the area of personnel or a drop in orders, but rather in logistics. Due to the outstanding commitment of its employees, as well as their creativity and energy, EuRec has managed to maintain the supply chains and to realize the shipment of spare parts and machines to our customers in the desired time. Thus, EuRec, together with customers and sales partners, was able to carry out the commissioning even without the personal presence of EuRec technicians.

Our sales staff, together with our sales partners, would have liked to visit recycling centres and customers in order to demonstrate machines in operation, give training courses and present our solutions in personal discussions. However, all this was not possible or only possible with considerable effort, because all business trips had to be reduced to a minimum. Video conferencing has increased, but it is not a substitute for personal meetings.

The Corona pandemic has given us time to push ahead with new developments in shredding tools, machines and plants, as well as to realise long-planned standardisations. We therefore also see Corona as an opportunity to face the future strengthened.

Our proven EuRec Shredder S16 has been has been enhanced to meet the needs of our customers. Mr. Alexander Koch, responsible design engineer at EuRec explains: "The S16 was the smallest shredder in the EuRec range of products so far. The next larger machine is the S24. Between these two machines, a new EuRec Shredder S19 has been developed. The S19 is lighter than the S24 and therefore easier to transport. However, we were able to retain the proven stable construction. For materials that are difficult to shred, such as aluminium profiles and bales, oversized paper rolls, industrial foil, rootstocks, car tyres, etc., only the S24 could be offered so far. In the future, the S19 will also be available for such materials. We have also transferred some of the tools from the new development of the S19 to the S16, thus further optimising this type of machine. Above all, the quality of the machines in our company has the highest priority. We are pleased that we can meet the EuRec quality requirements without restrictions with the new machines as well". 

Furthermore, with the new EuRec Shredder S11, a universal machine for small quantities of waste has been developed for our customers, which is mainly intended for treatment of household waste, commercial waste, waste wood, biomass, etc. The proven technology of S16 machine also served as a basis for the development of the EuRec Shredder S11, but with S11, an optimized price-performance ratio can be offered.

Both new EuRec Shredders S11 and S19 can, of course, be driven by diesel or electric motors and designed for stationary or mobile use on hook lift frame or on tracked chassis.

Not least due to this extension of the product range EuRec is looking confidently into the next year.