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We know how.
17 | 05 | 2022

EuRec Packaging System for SWE UmweltService GmbH, Erfurt, Germany

In November last year, we already reported to you that we had assembled a EuRec Packaging System under difficult spatial conditions.

Today, we are pleased to take up the topic and announce that the system in Erfurt has recently been commissioned and the trial operation has now been successfully completed.

SWE UmweltService GmbH is a company of the Stadtwerke Erfurt Gruppe (SWE) and operates the residual waste treatment plant Erfurt-Ost (RABA) for the treatment of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge. The EuRec Packaging System is operated during inspection periods and other planned and unplanned shutdowns of the residual waste treatment plant.

The EuRec RBS-2 packaging system, consisting of the EuRec ADS-1 Bunker and EuRec RBS-2 Round Baling System, was adapted for SWE to the special requirements and conditions on site. Bale weights of almost 2 tons are achieved.

Special features of the EuRec system:

  • Monitoring and control of the material supply through upstream equipment and of the material filling level in the ADS-1 bunker through the use of modern radar sensor technology, which can be set via Bluetooth;
  • Integration of the EuRec system into a complex system and building structure;
  • ADS-1 Bunker and Bunker discharge conveyor with cover to reduce dust formation;
  • Trickle discharge belt for lateral discharge of the trickle material;
  • Bale discharge guided on one side through a fire protection wall with fire bulkhead;
  • Bale discharge with hydraulic intermediate parking position and unloading section for 5 finished bales.

EuRec = Traditional German manufacturing quality, robust construction, and reliable operation for many years.

EuRec wishes the company SWE UmweltService successful work with the new system.

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