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We know how.
21 | 03 | 2022

EuRec supports the substitution of fossil fuels

For some time now, energy prices have been on a steady upward trend, which has been dramatically intensified once again by the reduction of CO2 emissions and by regional conflicts. Measures are being adopted worldwide to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in the short and medium term.

EuRec shredders, metal separators and disc separators are already used worldwide in connection with the recycling of valuable contents and for separating the high-calorific fraction from waste. The substitute fuel separated in this way then often has to be transported for thermal recycling. Due to rising energy prices, the distances between generation and thermal utilisation are becoming longer and longer. However, the transport costs are not negligible.  

The EuRec Packaging Line offers the possibility to package substitute fuels from waste treatment plants and to store and transport them emission-free until they are used in thermal recycling plants. Due to the high tensile strength of the films used, the transport volume can also be significantly reduced.

In addition to the bale size, film baling is advantageous compared to nets, wires or belts, as films can be recycled well and - if fed unpackaged into the thermal recycling process - cannot disrupt the process in subsequent treatment steps. The bale contents are biologically stable and outgassing is prevented. Rainwater and/or surface water do not come into contact with the bale contents and therefore the bale contents do not absorb moisture. Outdoor storage is possible without any problems, as no moisture can enter or escape, and thus the storage area and its surroundings remain free of possible pollutants that could be in the bale. 

For example, substitute fuels but also municipal and commercial waste that accumulates in the warm season can be temporarily stored and used for district heating in the cold season. Our customers in Germany can confirm this.

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